Yang Jisheng writing for the NYTimes Opinion:

Thirty-six million people in China, including my uncle, who raised me like a father, starved to death between 1958 and 1962, during the man-made calamity known as the Great Famine. … The toll was more than twice the number of fallen in World War I, and about six times the number of Ukrainians starved by Stalin in 1932-33 or the number of Jews murdered by Hitler during World War II.

There’s a tendency for the PRC to denounce foreign aggression and claim that the PRC people are suppressed. But think about it, who are the biggest suppressors of the PRC people?

After 50 years, the famine still cannot be freely discussed in the place where it happened. … Communist leaders established a vast system of slavery in the name of liberating mankind. It was promoted as the “road to paradise,” but in fact it was a road to perdition.

Simply disgusting. The Nanjing Massacre pales in comparison to this.