Oliver Reichenstein writes about the challenges of typography on various digital mediums, ranging from desktop monitors, to handheld retina displays.

Typefaces look different on these various mediums because of differing viewing distances. Typographic adjustments must be made for the various differing mediums so as to maintain a harmonious perception and feel of the same application across the various displays. While Responsive design already incorporates macro typographic issues, such as type size, line height, and column width, responsive typography more specifically deals with micro issues, such as type, size, and tone of a typeface.

The writer illustrates his points with graphics and concludes that designing for websites requires more engineering work, that is, choosing between the various suboptimal technological techniques, for the most optimal visual outcome, regardless of the display medium used, compared to pure graphic design.

It’s a great read to learn about typography and how we perceive them through the different digital display medium.