A report from research firm Gartner says that Apple has an inventory turn metric of 74, which means that the iPad maker turns over its entire inventory once every five days, a staggering number for a consumer electronics company.

The only other company to beat the Cupertino, Calif., electronics giant was McDonalds with 142.4 inventory turns equating to a 2.5 day turnover for total inventory.

Dell and Samsung followed Apple in the electronics category with turnovers every 10 and 21 days, respectively.

Kindle-maker and internet sales monolith Amazon took the second overall spot on three-year revenue growth of 37.7 percent and boasts an inventory turnover about once every 37 days. The way in which Amazon operates is novel, however, and continues to push the envelope of generally accepted inventory practices.

Can you believe it, Dell, the pioneer of Just-in-time manufacturing has a slower inventory turnover than Apple?

Apple is just not a very good marketing company, it is an extremely efficient and effective company.