Imagine when applying to an institute of higher learning, would the application form ask if you’d be a dean’s lister? Would the undergraduate admissions office require applicants to be 1st-class honours degree holders? I’d think that such questions would undermine the credibility and reputation of the university.

Yet similarly, I’ve heard, through my interactions with various people, questioning of the ability of the opposition to deliver on their promises. Akin to the analogy cited above, it sounded ridiculous.

A more appropriate question would be, “are they qualified to serve the people?”

Within the A-teams of the contesting opposition parties, with the exception of the Reform Party, I can see that almost all candidates are more qualified that the ruling party’s marine parade GRC candidate, Ms. Tin.

Given the robust selection process of new candidates within the ruling party, as they have claimed, is it really that difficult to find qualified people to run for public office? Is she the best the ruling party can offer as its weakest candidate?

So the most appropriate person to answer the question of qualifications would be Ms. Tin. Wouldn’t you think so?