When I first started mini-blogging on my Tumblr, I thought that I no longer had much to write on this blog anymore. After all, all thought and observations can be posted on Tumblr right?

I was wrong. Tumblr is, in many ways, handicapped. It promotes a viral distribution of content among the community but it does not encourage a 2-way discussion and interaction with content owners. A quick stroll down the Tumblr lane exposes Tumblrs that consists of nothing but “reblogged” posts from other Tumblrs. There is little curation. Even less are opinions being formed. Too many people are parroting information, but to who and for what?

I’ve decided that opinion pieces are best blogged while linked-list items are best left on Tumblr as it allows the title of the post to be set to the linked site. Hence, I shall migrate a few opinion pieces from Tumblr to this place to get the ball rolling in reigniting this blog.