After having my TA-088 v3 PSP-2000 Slim Piano Black lie on my table for most part of this year, I’ve finally found something for it to do. Keeping a close eye on PSP Updates, I saw a post that talks about a new release of CFWEnabler that works with 5.03 version of the original firmware. Some weeks back, a new discovery by some people about a tiff exploit by the name of ChickHen which allows the loading of homebrew software.

These 2 discovery is extremely significant in the PSP world as this will finally allow PSP-3000 and PSP-2000 TA-088 v3 users to exercise their right to run game backups.

If you indeed have one of the abovementioned devices, the procedure to enable this cool unsupported feature is pretty complex but doable compared to previous methods.


1) PSP Slim 2000 (TA-088 v3)

2) PSP original firmware version 5.03 (exactly, not newer, not older)


Follow the 3 links as mentioned to get them.

1) OFW v 5.03

2) ChickHen enabler R2

3) CFWEnabler


1. Ensure that your OFW is at 5.03. Check under system settings. To upgrade, place the EBOOT.PBP into a folder named UPDATE under X:/PSP/GAME.

2. Execute the update by launching it from the game menu.

3. Once the update is complete, proceed to delete the 5.03 update files.

4. Unpack the ChickHen R2 archive and copy the ChickHen folder under either Slim or Phat folders into X:/PSP/PHOTO.

5. Unpack CFWEnabler 3.50 and copy the CFWEnabler folder into X:/PSP/GAME.

6. Go to the photoviewer, select the ChickHen folder and scroll all the way down to the .tiff file and wait for the screen to turn green. If nothing happens or the green screen fails to appear, try again. It took me three times before it crashed.

7. The PSP will automatically reboot and start after the green screen.

8. Go to system settings and check the system version. It should read 5.03 ChickHen.

9. Once the version string contains the ChickHen phrase, go to the game menu and launch CFWEnabler.

10. It will request to write some files into the flash. Just say yes and follow instructions. PSP will reboot.

11. Go to system settings and check for firmware version. It should now read 5.03 M33-6.

12. The CFW is now successful. Before you can launch .cso or .iso backups, you must launch CFWEnabler and go into the configure menu. Look for the UMD mode option and choose M33 driver.

13. Exit the configuration screen and you’re back to the XMB screen.

14. Proceed to fill you X:/ISO folder with your backups and your PSP will be able to launch them.

Note however that once the PSP is totally powered off, you must redo the ChickHen and CFWEnabler process. Hence, it is recommended that you leave your PSP to sleep and keep the battery charged.