I went to the mothership today and was pretty impressed. Intimidating access controls with undulating terrain to protect its inhabitants.

Also, for the first time in my life, I get to operate a 36" wide colour printer, that prints on rolls of white paper. I mean, these prints would easily cost hundreds and we’re just clicking print as though it is free.

In addition, I was rather impressed with Photoshop CS2’s performance on windows while dealing with 2 GB huge tiffs. Photoshop displayed a responsive progress bar below on all image operations as they tend to take a few minutes for a file that huge.

For those of you curious, the image on average was over 50k inches wide and tall, approximately (but strangely) at 1 pixel per inch. We had to resize it down to usable sizes as they only had 36" wide paper available then.

Oh well, I still love my job. Everyday is a different day.