Andy Matuschak has written a great post on difference between user-friendly software and developer-friendly software.

A typical response to my reasoning goes something along the lines of: “Yeah, but with Beryl, Linux looks even better!”

The thought process is typical of people trying very hard to promote the Windows Mobile operating system.

The computer scientists I talk to just don’t understand that user interface is about how the program acts, not how it looks. And really, I think that’s why there’s so much terrible software out there: these are the people who are building it!

And you’ll keep getting “touchscreen” phones that require a stylus or sharp fingernails. These should be called pokescreen instead.

In five minutes, you’ve got to leave for a doctor’s appointment, but there’s this thing you’ve really got to get done first, and you need iFoo to do it.

Try making a phone call in a rush with a keyboard-less WM phone.

WM might have improved, but the philosophy isn’t realigned yet. They ought to take a good read of the post. There is a reason why the iPhone takes off rapidly.