I don’t believe that it is just me, but driving is an extremely mentally exhausting activity, especially along urban town areas where pedestrians and cars are of a plenty. It’s worse when your vehicle employs manual transmission. I have to admit, before I had started driving myself, I always thought that driving a vehicle is simple, not just in looks.

Add in the inching traffic and gentle up-slopes, your legs would be as tired as though you’ve walked up the slope yourself. The amusing ‘proper’ method when starting a vehicle on a slope is to apply the handbrake and maintain half-clutch position. Release the handbrake and your car inches forward (gracefully). The hard part is to repeat this procedure 3 to five times and on the last time, your other free hand is busy turning the steering wheel right and you’re just looking out for incoming vehicles and stray pedestrians.

I have to admit, although it’s tiring, it’s pretty fun.

A 2 hour long driving session at night after a long day at work is enough to knock me out the moment I’ve reached home.