I’ve learn a few things about AppleCare and how it basically works in the whole AASP ecosystem. A few weeks ago, I sent both of my Macbooks in for repair for various issues, ranging from bluetooth malfunction to bloated batteries.

A mistake I’d made was that I failed to contact AppleCare before I sent my machine down for repairs.

According to the AASP, the replacement of my bloated battery has to depend on Apple’s approval and there’s no guarantee that the (optional) replacement is free of charge. Exactly as they say, they messaged me a few days later claiming that Apple has refused to replace the battery and that I can purchase a new one for S$208. Based on my past experiences with AppleCare, I knew this isn’t usual and I thus declined to pay for any replacement, leaving the battery at that while I find time to contact AppleCare.

Yesterday, I finally managed to contact AppleCare and indicated the issue of a bloated battery. Upon confirmation that the battery is operationally fine but bloated, the support representative offered to replace my battery without much hesitation.

Well and good. Then, I checked my repair logs of the machine and realised that it has exceeded the magic number of 3. Gladly, I prompted the agent to check what was changed in the machine when I last sent my machine for repairs and he too noted the repair count and informed me about the replacement policy.

Well and even better. I got a new case number and am to call AppleCare again during their Australian office hours so that I can get this expedited through their customer relations department. That lies the royal trouble. I’ve got no time to call AppleCare between Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm.

I guess, there’s no harm waiting as new revisions of Macbook would be released real soon.

The bottom line is this: Always call AppleCare first for any hardware related issues before bringing it down for repairs for a greater and less frustrating experience.

Come to think of it, I don’t mind getting replacements yearly now that Time Machine is working so well.