After a very long hunt for the most suitable blogging engine around for this site, I have finally settled on Octopress. Previous candidates, as mentioned in my previous post, that I’ve used include, Pelican. In the interim, I have discovered is everything that Calepin should be, with all the thematic flexibility that a blogger would like. However, as a Dropbox-powered solution, it is still limited by how the site can be synced from flat-files. Another annoying downside of scriptogram is that there isn’t out-of-the-box support for a commenting system. Users have to drill into the HTML section to add the required hooks.

Recently, I went for the Software Engineering for SaaS massive open online course and I picked up quite a bit on how Ruby works. Octopress which once looked alien and mysterious to me now looked familiar. Given that I had previously exported my blog from my previous blogging engine, migrating to this new Jekyll platform is complete. All I need to do is to tweak the theming a little, but that can be done at a later stage.

With Heroku and Amazon S3 offering to host static sites for almost free, this is the perfect solution. In due time, I shall redirect my old blog landings to this new subdomain.